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What are schemes?

The benefits of a Professional Standards Scheme

A tangible commitment to high professional standards

A Professional Standards Scheme sends a strong and positive message to your members, their clients, the professional community, and the Australian public.

It distinguishes your association and its members as a recognised profession. And it shows you have committed to being regulated under professional standards legislation, and to upholding high standards and consumer protection.

Better business practices

Having a Professional Standards Scheme encourages associations and their members to implement a range of measures to improve professional standards and practices – from effective risk management strategies and continuing professional development programs, to codes of ethics and conduct and integrity systems.

Increased consumer protection

Every professional that takes part in their association’s Professional Standards Scheme must have insurance or assets in place to meet any damages awarded at or below the formal liability limit. This gives consumers confidence that, if they take legal action and their claim is upheld in court, there will be compensation available up to that limit.

Associations that operate under a Professional Standards Scheme are also obliged to expect and enforce high standards of practice by their members. These include things such as continuing professional development and risk management requirements, which reduce the risk of things going wrong in the first place.

Limited civil liability

Professional Standards Schemes limit association members’ civil liability. This means that, if any of your participating members are sued by a client, a monetary ceiling will generally apply to the amount of damages that can be awarded. This is intended to in turn make it easier for your members to get the professional indemnity insurance they need to stay in business.

Your dedicated Professional Standards Scheme Manager

You’ll be assigned a dedicated Professional Standards Scheme Manager as soon as you contact us about applying. He or she will work with you to help you complete the application process and continually improve your professional standards.